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Radio Interview

Rock the radio to dominate your book genre.

One effective way to market your book is through a sweeping promotion campaign. And a live radio interview on a local or national radio pretty much does the job. Radio guesting and interviews allow you to reach thousands of target audience in just a matter of minutes. With the modern radio format and online distribution, video and audio recordings of radio interviews can be also be posted in social media and other frequently-visited sites.

ReadersMagnet Radio Interview Package is designed to give our authors the opportunity for a live syndicated radio interview. In partnership with various radio stations, we guarantee that our authors land a spot for a segment interview. A full segment interview allows our authors to talk about their book and promote it to a broader target audience. The real-time interaction also gives them the chance to update the audience on future public engagements such as book fairs and book signing events as well as answer timely queries and comments. With millions of listeners tuning in, a live radio book interview can boost your credibility and reputation as a published author.

We at ReadersMagnet will ensure that our authors will have the opportunity to be noticed by radio hosts and station managers. By sending our ReadersMagnet Marketing Kit to a list of local and national radio stations, hosts and managers will be able to evaluate our authors for a potential live interview. Our quality and top of the line Publicity Kit contains essential author and book information which includes a brief book synopsis, author profile and contact information. We will also include a brief book description and author profile which will hopefully convince every radio station in our media directory to allot at least 15 minutes of their airtime for a live author radio interview.

Our directory consists of more than 50 national radio stations all over the country. With millions of listeners, you and your brand have the chance to reach a broader target audience.
Also, these syndicated radio interviews will be posted in social media and other frequently-visited websites.

ReadersMagnet is proud to partner with This Week in America, one of the most influential radio shows across the country. By appearing on the radio program hosted by Ric Bratton, you are guaranteed to be heard by thousands if not millions instantly. ReadersMagnet will work with you to design a strategy that gets you booked on This Week in America. Our author radio interview service gets you booked, scheduled and prepared to make an impact on your target audience. Let our fulfillment coordinators do your booking for you.

Promote your book and let your voice be heard across America through our ReadersMagnet Radio Interview service package.

Call us today and talk to one of our marketing consultants today.

Service Inclusions

Guaranteed 1 recorded interview with Ric Bratton on his radio show “This Week in America“ a nationally syndicated radio show.

Interview segment placement on Youtube, iTunes, Google Play, and Podomatic. Podcast through and soon on Spotify. With full rights for author to use.

Social Media post on Facebook and Twitter.

Creation of Publicity Kit prepared for the host to review.

As an add-on, ReadersMagnet will pitch you to radio shows as a guest by sending an interview pitch email as well as a publicity kit to get radio stations’ attention.

Radio Interview Tips Sheet to help you prepare for the interview.


PRICE: $699.00

How it Works:

Fill out the service form.
Provide all information needed to complete the Publicity Kit such as digital image of book cover, author photo and bio, book details and questionnaire, etc.
ReadersMagnet will prepare the publicity kit for host to use for the interview.
Fulfillment officer will confirm schedule availability and set the appointment with the host to contact on the actual interview.
After the interview, the online links will be sent to you as part of fulfillment.
As a bonus, ReadersMagnet will send interview pitch to our list of radio stations, internet radio, and podcasts for you.
If any stations respond, we will direct them to you for interview schedule.
A comprehensive post-fulfillment report will be sent once service is completed.

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