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Why ReadersMagnet?

“You write your story, we share it with the world”

ReadersMagnet is more than a company: We are readers too and we love books just as much as you do.

ReadersMagnet is your full service self-publishing and book marketing company. We are a team of self-publishing and digital marketing experts with more than 10 years of combined experience.

Our strong expertise and solid background in the industry come second to our love of books. Our commitment to service excellence and our dedication to authors are as deep as our passion for reading.

ReadersMagnet help aspiring and established authors fulfil their dreams. As their publishing and marketing partner, we guide authors throughout the process by providing professional advice and expert recommendations, customised publishing and marketing package options, accessible resources, and exceptional, author-friendly service – all of which they could never find with a traditional publisher.

Our priority is to ensure you get exactly what you need. Whatever the genre you write in, whatever the size and format of your book, whatever your creative vision, we will make sure your book is as successful as possible and that it reaches the right audience.

Fulfilling your dreams of becoming a published author have never been better with ReadersMagnet, where we provide not only an exceptional service but also a truly remarkable experience – and a unique opportunity to share your story.

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