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Add-on Services

If you think your publishing package is not quite perfect, ReadersMagnet provides you the opportunity to customise it to make your book more market-ready. We offer several, additional services to help you get exactly the book the way you want it to be. 

US Copyright Registration $190.00
Hardcover Availability w/ ISBN $269.00
Resubmission w/ISBN (per version) $249.00
Paper Galley Service $100.00
Illustration – Artistic $199.00
Illustration x10 – Artistic $1,779.00
Illustration x15 – Artistic $2,389.00
Illustration – Vivid $239.00
Illustration x10 – Vivid $2,199.00
Illustration x15 – Vivid $2,899.00
Illustration – Intricate $279.00
Illustration x10 – Intricate $2,699.00
Illustration x15 – Intricate $3,899.00
Basic Cover Design $150.00
Standard Cover Design $250.00
Advanced Cover Design $300.00
Image Enhancement (per image) $35.00
Additional Interior Image (per item) $15.00
Additional Interior Graphics & Tables (per item) $25.00
Basic Interior Text and Layout $150.00
Standard Interior Text and Layout $250.00
Advanced Interior Text and Layout $300.00
Revision – Interior Text (per word) $0.13
Copyediting- 5,000-60,000 (minimum of 5,000) $0.011/word
Copyediting- 60,001-120,000 $0.010/word
Copyediting- 120,001 and up $0.009/word
Data Entry Service (per page) $2.00
Data Entry Service-Handwritten (per page) $4.00
Indexing – 5,000-6,000 (minimum of 5,000) $0.011/word
Indexing – 60,001-120,000 $0.010/word
Indexing – 120,001 and up $0.009/word
Indexing – Author Supplied $100
Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply to service inclusions.

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